Mobile tv studio

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How much does it cost to hire a TV studio for an interview?

...and then you need to get the presenter or guest to the studio.

Why take the guest to the studio when you can simply take the studio to the guest?

This comfortable and quiet high roof van is self powered so it can operate anywhere. There is a guest position with proper TV lighting in front of a 65” 4K HDR TV* which can have any relevant background on it, a city skyline, a picture, a logo or live / pre-recorded video up to 4K. No more standing on pavements in the rain.

Time is always precious and with the mobile TV studio it is pre-rigged so that it parks up, they walk out to it, sit in, do the live, and go back to what they were doing, minimum disruption, maximum convenience.

Transmission can be by the on board LiveU or Aviwest (with Ka) or by a traditional sat truck if budgets permit.

* 90+ CRI / TLCI LED key light, fill light and twin back lights